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How to get Workday HostName

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     Oracle Integration Cloud included much awaited Oracle Cloud Adapter for Workday. As customer starts using this adapter, they would need information on following things to start with.

     To start with a connection, one needs to know Workday Hostname, Tenant Name and Workday Drive (W:D) Hostname. Let’s start to see one by one.


How to get Workday HostName:

  • Login to the Workday sandbox OR Production instance.
  • Search for Public Web Service in search box and select Public Web Service from the result.
  • From the web services list, follow the steps as shown in the below screenshot and click on the View WSDL option to view the wsdl file . It will open wsdl file.
  • In the Open WSDL file , scroll down to the last to check the value of hostname as highlighted in below screenshot.


Tenant Name & W:Drive Hostname:

  • Login in to workday and click on the User icon button in right up corner . In that you will see the option called “W:Drive”. Click on that


  • Right on any of the File present in the list and select Copy URL option as given in below screen :


  • Paste the same URL in text editor and copy the W:Drive URL from highlighted String.

 Workday_WD3 Tenant Name :

  • In the same above URL you can also get the Tenant Name out of it . in circled in blue is a tenant name for your instance.

WD Hostname:

       1)In the same above URL, in-circled in red is a WD Hostname for your instance.

       2)How to get CSV File Structure from to Use in Stage file for workday EIB integration 

       3)Login to workday and search for “View Custom Report”. Click on the View Custom report from the result list

       4)Enter your report name which you are using in the EIB integration as an data source and press enter .

        5) In the report view , In the column tab , the highlighted “column Heading Overriding XML Alias” names should be used as csv fields .



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