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How to test secured WSDL from SOAP UI

 click here  to know how to attach OWSM  Policy.

buy provigil online europe Step 1:

        Get the endpoint URL for the secured deployed service.We will see wsp:Policy section in case if we attached OWSM security policy as shown below. Step 2:

        Create new SOAP UI project and double click on the project name → WS-Security Configurations → Outbound WS-Security Configurations and then click on and give some meaningful name

buy Lyrica online ireland Step 3:

Click on the  symbol as shown in the below image and select Username

Step 4:

        Enter username and password and select Password Type as PasswordText as shown below.

Step 5:

    Now open request and right click on empty space → Outgoing WSS → Apply <name which we have given in step 2>  as shown below

Once we add this, security will be added under header section as shown below

Now run it you will be able to test it successfully

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